Busy roads pose a big threat

Motorcycle accidents on main roads

Any seasoned motorcyclist is all-too-aware of the dangers posed by busy main roads.

Either you've been in an accident on the road, or you know someone who has!

In Great Britain over 2016, 19,297 motorcyclists were injured in reported road accidents (RoSPA Road Safety Research).

Why are motorbike accidents on main roads so common?

Essentially? Because they're busy!

There are many factors that could play a role in a biker accident, and sometimes a few of these can be related to the one accident.

Driver impatience or indifference can have a bigger part to play in main road accidents, especially in peak traffic when driver's are rushing to work or another accident has created major congestion issues.

These driver's are not only feeling inpatient and sometimes aggressive, but they're also likely to be confident on these familiar roads and more likely to take risks they wouldn't normally.

What are the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents on main roads?

  • Changing lanes without clear vision of what's on the other side (e.g. you!)
  • Lane changes without looking for motorcyclists filtering behind
  • Not allowing enough room when changing lanes in front of a biker, or when passing
  • Drivers not paying close enough attention
  • Vehicles merging onto the freeway without giving way to bikers
  • Vehicles not allowing enough time and space when moving onto the main road

Feeling a little uncertain on some road rules or just want to recap? It’s always best to look at the official road rules online or you can take a look at our biker safety page, written by bikers for bikers.

Did you know? Bikes with dual headlights are more at risk of being pulled out on at night due to motorists mistaking the lights as a car that's very far away.