Did you know the majority of motorbike accidents occur at junctions in the UK? Any biker knows just how careful you need to be in these situations, but unfortunately, accidents can occur no matter how careful you are.

Most bikers we see are careful drivers, being fully aware of the risks that come with riding a motorcycle, but have unfortunately experienced injury to themselves and their bike following a no-fault accident.

Why are motorbike accidents at junctions so common?

The very nature of junctions present risks for any road user, which is amplified for those who are more difficult to see or consider accurately.

Moving into oncoming traffic needs to be a careful maneuver but external factors can make this difficult.

Factors making junctions more dangerous for bikers include:

  • Vision of incoming traffic may be obstructed by road bends, buildings, trees/bushes etc.
  • Wet or icy conditions present a risk of slipping and sliding when turning
  • Road users failing to use lights appropriately
  • Drivers not paying close enough attention
  • Vehicles not giving way when required
  • Vehicles not allowing enough time and space when moving into oncoming traffic

If you feel any uncertainty around how to approach and move through junctions on your motorbike, it’s always best to touch up on the official road rules online or take a look at our tips and advice on biker safety.

Did you know? Bikes with dual headlights are more at risk of being pulled out on at night due to motorists mistaking the lights as a car that's very far away.