Driver at fault and didn't stop?

Hit and run motorcycle accidents

Being involved in any motorcycle accident is traumatic for any biker, but the situation is made so much worse when you've been hit by a driver who didn't stop.

This is illegal in the UK, not to mention completely immoral.

Often drivers who are guilty of a hit and run accident will either not have insurance or they are aware that they are at fault… both of which do not stop you from making a claim for compensation!

What is a hit and run accident?

A hit and run motorcycle accident is where another road user has caused an accident and then left the scene. It's important to note that “hit and run” compensation claims do not require you to be actually hit - being run off the road is considered equally negligent.

Hit and run accidents can include physically hitting the motorbike, forcing the motorbike off the road or into a new and dangerous situation, hitting or knocking over a stationary motorbike and leaving the scene without leaving your details.

What to do following a hit and run?

It's important to follow our initial steps for making a claim following a hit and run accident. Even though the road user who caused the accident may have fled the scene, there are still ways that you can gather evidence to support your claim.

In summary, you should follow these steps after a hit and run accident:

  1. Contact details: secure these from any witnesses as well as the driver/s involved in the accident.
  2. Contact the police: Notify your local police station of the accident and be sure to secure a reference number for this.
  3. Remain at the scene: if injuries allow it, it’s important to stay put until the police arrive to first assess the situation.
  4. Visual proof: it is very important for insurance and legal purposes that there is visual proof of the accident; including any damage to the vehicles involved, the physical surroundings and yourself. Take note of any CCTV footage in the area.
  5. Deal with any injuries: it’s important to have a medically-trained expert assess you for any injuries incurred, and advise whether rehabilitation should be pursued.
  6. Contact expert solicitors: should you be considering a legal claim for compensation, it’s important you seek out solicitors who specialise in motorcycle accident claims. We hear Off Your Bike is a great option...

What if I don't have the correct details? Can I still make a claim?

In short, yes, but this means that the evidence you do have becomes even more important.

If you don’t have the driver’s details, rounding up witnesses and contacting the police is very important, as is photographic evidence.

The outcome of your claim will always rely heavily on evidence and key witness information so we always recommend getting as much of this as possible and as soon as possible - even if you’re not sure it is important.

Making an insurance claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the UK insurance industry.

The MIB was created to support victims of motor accidents where the other party does not have insurance or where there has been a “hit and run” situation.

For the MIB to assist, they require three items of validation:

  • Proof that the other driver was negligent
  • Proof you have suffered injuries or your motorbike has become damaged due to the accident
  • You need to have cooperated with the police

Whether you consider your situation to be major or minor, we highly recommend you speak with a solicitor experienced in motorcycle accident claims to cover all bases.