Car door motorcycle accidents

Car doors are a common factor in motorcycle accidents which is, in most cases, caused by the negligence of the driver or passenger opening the door.

Car door accidents involving motorcyclists are an all-too-common, where the driver or passenger of a vehicle swings their door open when parked at the side of a busy road without considering oncoming traffic.

Often, motorcyclists are not given sufficient time or space to proceed safely, leaving them with no choice but to crash directly into the door or to swerve dangerously in order to avoid the door (and sometimes the person stepping out).

How can car doors become dangerous to motorcyclists?

Most of us are pretty aware of the above scenario, which can happen with any road user but tends to be more dangerous for vulnerable road users such as bikers.

There are some key factors that increase the likelihood of car door accidents.

Most common reasons for car door motorcycle accidents:

  • Failure to look: yes, we’re going with the most obvious and common first. It is often the case that those in vehicles open their car doors without looking and waiting for oncoming vehicles to pass first.
  • Poor visibility: weather conditions, narrow, winding roads and signs can all play a part in obstructing the visibility of the motorcyclist and person exiting the vehicle.
  • Illegally parked vehicles: those blocking driveways often obstruct visuals, while those parked in active traffic lanes and the like can mean drivers are rushing to exit and enter their car to avoid fines.

Have you experienced a motorcycle accident caused by any of these situations, leading you to become injured and your bike to become damaged?

Whether you consider your situation to be major or minor, we highly recommend you speak with a solicitor experienced in motorcycle accident claims to cover all bases.